About Us

I'm thrilled to share the story of Cozy Owl Studio with you. This project is incredibly special to me because it's a collaboration between my mother and I, and it brings together our passions for creativity in education.

Growing up, my mother always had a talent for hand-drawing beautiful charts and creating all kinds of activities for my siblings and me. These resources made learning fun and exciting, and all her creations still hold a special place in my heart today. Now that my mother has retired after more than 50 years of experience in education and childcare, I felt it was the perfect time to begin this project to encapsulate all of her incredible work and share it with the world.

We know what a challenge parenting can be. That's why I wanted to start with sharing these adorable, engaging charts that motivate kids and promote positive behavior without resorting to nagging or punishment. 

Why I love charts so much is because it is a positive and fun way to approach breaking a habit, keeping their routine, or doing their chores without the stress that comes with continually reminding them not to forget! This way the ball is in their park and they are motivated to do it themselves. The cherry on top is that you get to see their proud faces when they’ve completed their chart and get their reward!

For me, Cozy Owl Studio is a way to honor my mother's legacy while also bringing joy and color into the lives of parents and children alike. I'm grateful for the opportunity to share our passion with you and to help make parenting a little bit easier and more enjoyable.

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